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Tasa 596

Follow the next steps for the payment of fees for the authorization to tobacconists and bell of the following procedures:

  • Change of location
  • Transmission with change of location
  • Modification of tobacconists
  1. Download the form.
  2. Read the instructions at the end of the model.
  3. Complete electronically in the form. Not to be accepted official forms completed by hand or photocopies.
  4. Settlement: a need to fill the following options on the basis of the city where you put the cigar store:
    1. Class 1: Provincial capitals and municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants: 462,15 euros
    2. Class 1: Municipalities with up to 100,000 inhabitants: 385,13 euros
    3. Class 1: Complementary Tobacconists: 231,06 euros
  5. Print all pages, each of them in a one-sided.
  6. Sign all copies.
  7. Go to the bank with the form printed complete and signed, and make the payment.
    1. See the entities to make the payment with a charge to account.
    2. See the entities to make payment by card.
  8. Once payment is made, the bank will retain a copy and give you the other 2 copies: a copy to the Passive subject (Tobacconist) and a copy to the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market:
    1. Copy to the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market: once stamped by the bank, certification according to the next paragraph.
    2. Copy to the Passive subject: once stamped by the bank, store as proof of payment.
  9. Send to the commissioner for the tobacco Market the following documentation:
    1. Request.
    2. Accompanying documentation.
    3. Exemplary for the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market of the payment of the fee: once stamped by the bank, certification according to the next paragraph.
  10. You can send the request and the relevant documentation through one of the following means:
    1. Electronic procedure.
    2. Registration office in any Administration.
    3. Postal mail, to the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market, Paseo de la Habana, 140, 28070, Madrid.
  11. Upon termination, you will be notified in electronic form in Citizen Folder or in his home by postal mail.

If in doubt, contact telephone 917 45 75 45 or info@cmtabacos.hacienda.gob.es.